1. All members will be supportive of the club and encourage a positive attitude towards the club and treat all members with respect, courtesy and consideration.
  2. Skaters will keep moving on the ice.  Do not stand in groups in the middle or on the boards.
  3. Skaters having a lesson or doing their solos while their music is being played will be given the right of way on the ice.  Show courtesy on the ice by NOT skating through a lesson being taught.  Coaches' requests take priority.
  4. Ice surface doors must be kept closed for safety reasons.
  5. There will be no food or gum chewing on the ice.  Only plastic drink containers are permitted.
  6. All skaters shall wear suitable skating attire; hair exceeding collar length must be tied back for safety reasons.
  7. The Caledonia Skating Club shall not be held responsible for any accident or injury, damage or loss of personal property.  The club will not take responsibility for skaters left at the arena unattended.
  8. No C.S.C. skater will be allowed to bring in another coach that is not registered with the Caledonia Skating Club.
  9. Skaters enrolled in the StarSkate programs (semi-private or private) must receive a minimum of one lesson per week from a coach contracted as a freelance coach with the C.S.C.
  10. Skaters may skate on another day other than their scheduled times, without paying a guest fee, for a lesson ONLY.  They may enter the ice 5 minutes before their lesson and leave at the conclusion of their lesson.
  11. Maximum StarSkate (private) skaters shall not exceed 24 on the ice at any time.
  12. Guest skating by non members of the club will be allow on a limited basis upon payment and proof of a current Skate Canada card before taking the ice.  This will be dependent on the number of skaters on the ice at any one time.  Fees must be paid to an executive member prior to the session.
  13. The club reserves the right to discipline and person who is found acting in a manner contrary to the best interest of the club.
  14. All issues or concerns must be submitted to the Club Executive in writing and signed.  Such issues shall be forwarded to and dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.
  15. All skaters, coaches, members, executives, volunteers and parents will take responsibility for the behaviour of themselves and all the individuals associated with them as outlined in the Haldimand County "For the Sake of Sport" policy.